iC5 Designer FAQs


Q:Is Designer compatible with Turbo?

A:Yes. After installing Turbo configurations you can make additional changes using Designer

Q:How does Designer compare to Spinner?

A:You can think of Designer as an IDE for your Spinner projects. It shows you a complete view of all the data in the Spinner files, and makes editing easier, faster and safer.

Q:How does Designer licenses work?

A:Currently we are offering a free trial of Designer. To get the free trial license simply send an email to designer.support@jetboxsolutions.com with the Subject of ‘Trial License Request’ and you will automatically be sent a free trial license. The Designer installation process walks you through this.

Q:What versions of ENOVIA can I use Designer on?

A:V6R2010 and higher.  Earlier versions have not been tested and may have minor compatibility issues.

Q:Who are the intended users of Designer?

A:Anyone who currently uses Spinner, MQL or Business Modeler to configure and customize ENOVIA, such as developers, business consultants, and system administrator.

Q:How many licenses do I need?

A:One license per user

Q:What are the prerequisites for running Designer?

A:Designer is a Java application so at a minimum you need Java 1.6 or greater installed on your system. It is not required that you have Enovia installed on your system, but if you do you can also enable the Designer Live Database Connection functionality by providing the location to your Enovia installation.  In order to apply your Designer configurations, you will need a licensed copy of Spinner from ENOVIA.

Q:Can I convert Spinner files to Designer?

A:There is no conversion necessary.  Designer reads and writes to standard Spinner format.

Q:Can I have a team use Spinner and Designer concurrently?

A:Yes.  Designer reads and writes to standard Spinner format.

Q:What applications is Designer compatible with?

A:Spinner files edited by designer are tab-delimited text files, so they are compatible with Microsoft Excel, and any text editor.

Q:How do I get support?

A:Email designer.support@jetboxsolutions.com

Q:How do I get a full version?

A:Email designer.support@jetboxsolutions.com

Q:How does Jetbox know what an ENOVIA developer needs?

A:Jetbox and the Jetbox development team have been working with the ENOVIA platform for over 20 years.  The team understands all of the necessary components needed to ensure that ENOVIA is suitable for any developers environment.  Whether its a custom project or out-of-the-box, the Jetbox team can help you ensure that your environment is just right for you.

Q:How do I apply my changes to my Enovia System?

A:There are 2 ways you can apply your changes. 1. Designer is integrated with Spinner and you can launch Spinner from the menu item Tools->Run Spinner. 2. If you have enabled the Live Database Connection you can use the [Sync All] button in the lower right corner of the Designer IDE (this feature is not enabled in the beta version).

Q:How does Designer work in a collaborative team environment – can I have multiple people doing configurations at the same time?

A:Designer works with your existing Spinner files on your file system. If those files are checked into a source code control system them multiple people can do configurations at the same time.

Q:I have noticed I cannot see all of the contents of some screens. Sometimes the bottom portion of a dialog will get cut off.

A:Please try the following:

Right click on your Desktop and select ‘Screen Resolution’

Select ‘Make text and other items larger or smaller’

See what this value is set to. We have noticed that Designer sometimes does not display dialogs correctly when this value is set to greater than 100%. If its greater than 100% please try setting it to 100%.

Q:Im having trouble running Spinner from Designer, what should I check?

A:There are a couple of things that need to be in place for the Designer/Spinner integration to work properly:

Ensure the ‘creator’ account is activated on your ENOVIA system as MQL commands are executed as that user.

In the Tools->Preferences screen ensure the ‘Location of mql.exe’ is specified and correct.

In the Tools->Preferences screen ensure the ‘Oracle Username’ is specified and correct. NOTE: This just informs Designer of the user name being used, it does not set it. When spinner runs it creates log files in a directory path with the ‘Oracle Username’ in the path. Designer needs to know this information so it can find the Spinner log files and parse them for errors.


iC5 Turbo FAQs


Q:How does Turbo compare to RACE?

A:It doesn’t – they are two very different things with little or no overlap in capabilities.  The goal of Turbo is to supplement the existing ENOVIA products and tools, not to compete with them.

Q:How does Turbo compare to Spinner?

A:Spinner is a very powerful tool that lets you configure or customize just about everything that is possible to configure in ENOVIA, but you have to know what you are doing and it can be quite tedious to do it correctly. Turbo provides a much more limited and focused set of allowable configurations, so that you can keep your system more “out of the box”. And Turbo allows you to work at a much higher level so that you don’t have to understand and worry about all the underlying details. The two tools can be used together if desired – you can use Turbo to do the bulk of your configurations, and then use Spinner (or any other traditional methods, such as MQL scripts) to do more advanced configurations or customizations that are not supported by Turbo.

Q:How does Turbo work in a collaborative team environment – can I have multiple people doing configurations at the same time?

A:Absolutely.  The time it takes to do configuration is significantly different than traditional.

Q:Is Turbo compatible with Designer?

A:Yes. After completing a Turbo project you can do a Spinner database dump and edit with Designer.