A partnership has been formed between Integro Technologies and ViDi Systems SA. The former is a renowned machine vision integrator, while the later is an innovative software company based in Switzerland.

ViDi is bringing significant changes to the industry by making the first image analysis solution based on Deep Learning commercial, and also specialized for the machine-vision market. In order to address challenges concerning industrial vision, the company designed and also developed a solution by the name ViDi Suite.

ViDi Suite is essentially a vision software solution that is based on high-tech algorithms in Machine-Learning for Machine-Vision. The solution has already been tested in the filed and optimized to give maximum output.

In 2015, a panel of judges comprising of prominent experts drawn from end user companies as well as system integrator firms gave ViDi Suite the 2015 Platinum-Award Vision-Systems-Design. Additionally, it won the RoBoBusiness 2015 Game-Changer Award, 2016 RoboHub Launch-Startup as well as the 2015 Digitized Industry’s TUV SUD Innovation. During the 2017 CB-Insight Innovation-Summit, ViDi Suite was also among the finalists.

According to Shawn Campion, Integro Technologies’ president, neutral networks have been in existence for several years in the field of academia, but haven’t been extensively applied in the vision sector, mainly because the huge investors in engineering have been deliberately putting aside inputs and refinement, thus qualifying the output.

ViDi has done a great job of generating a classification engine to pre-choose features of significance from several images to come up with industrial solutions which can save significant engineering hours. The use of ViDi software makes it easy to not only uncover, but also explore vision applications that would ordinarily be expensive or difficult.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of ViDi Systems SA, Nicolas Corsi, ViDi made the deliberate decision to get into a partnership with a renowned system integrator whose level of innovativeness and competence can’t be compared with any other company. The partnership is expected to play a significant role in the delivery of industry-leading technology as well as exceptional service. The CEO was extremely pleased with the formation of the partnership. He promised that under his stewardship, the company will continue demonstrating extremely high levels of professionalism and expertise in the delivery of great solutions to their treasured customers.

Partnering with ViDi Systems will effectively broaden the vision inspection portfolio of Integro Technologies. Consequently, their customers will be provided with quality control applications that are not only cost efficient, but also automatic and reliable.

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