This Tuesday IBM launched its recent Bluemix Garage situated at Galvanizes (a new campus) in New York. It will greatly promote the work between enterprises and developers with IBM’s blockchain code in the cloud. It is meant to promote business startups and enterprises to work in unison in an enabling atmosphere unlike the initial setting that was unproductive to say the least. This has been the trend for numerous IBM garages located in London, Toronto, San Francisco and Nice. The New York branch is just a recent addition to the list.

IBM is working tirelessly to be the leading supplier of the trending distributed ledger technology. IBM is a valuable associate of the prestigious Hyperledger Project being undertaken by Linux Foundations. The project is a joint effort that commenced sometime in December initiate, create and to prolong an open source Blockchain that does not use Bitcoin. Bitcoin Magazine announced in February that IBM was offering Blockchain as a service to developers and creating line codes in their tens of thousands and making them accessible to the HyperLedger project. IBM declared new cloud services in April that are from their codes they developed in the Hyperledger project and also their Bluemix cloud platform.

Their Bluemix cloud platform upon which 120,000 applications and more are released every month is steadily growing into the hugest cloud posting service in the entire globe that is open to the public. Its open merits is characterized by 140 tools or even more, they have an array of services that are grouped for convenience into mobile, big data, Watson, integration, analytics, security, DevOps and Internet of Things popularly referred to as IoT.

IBM released a Bluemix Garage to help in marketing its Bluemix cloud services that will ultimately enhance its efforts in Blockchain development. The aim of developing the Blockchain is to offer effective business solutions through a concerted effort of industry expertise in the technology of blockchain and working development techniques. Such techniques include Design Brainstorming and Flexible Development. IBM has in its plans to establish Bluemix Garages in big cities all over the globe to act as centres where stakeholders such as product managers, developers and even designers can converge and to develop ways of improving Bluemix. These garages will permit companies to make physical calls at their offices, question their experts and see exhibitions of business solutions that were developed from the block chain concept that is a product of the Hyperledger project of the Linux Foundation.

These garages will major on a business approach contrary to the former loss making technological approach. IBM has clarified that they will strive to decipher the Blockchain in terms of profit. They will explain the pros and cons of block chain in doing business and in so doing invite the input of stakeholders for a fruitful discussion.

The purpose of the open discussion is to encourage future clients to trust IBM in the development and issuing of Blockchain technology. After arriving to a common agreement we can discuss logistics to help the customer understand the goings on of Blockchain.

Galvanize has been a great host and associate in IBMs great launch of its Bluemix Garage in their campus located in San Francisco. The CEO and who happens also to be the cofounder of Galvanize was glad to announce that this fruitful partnership will continue even in New York City. He stated that it will facilitate the leveraging of power of the cloud by their capable network of business startups and developers. This will also promote IBM’s excellent capability to continue producing wonderful innovations of products and applications in the ever growing spaces in fintech and the blockchain.

Notes from the IBM press indicate that large groups of developers that are increasing by 120,000 on a weekly basis and expected to hit 25 million worldwide come the year 2020 are utilizing Bluemix Garages to gain access to IBM Cloud APIs. Their aim is to get access to cognitive computing, blockchain technology, IoT, social media, unstructured data and to seamlessly establish and release innovations.

IBM speculates that blockchain network is the solution to problems that prevent economic growth via business, movement of money and even exchange of value. It has also set to declare new blockchain projects that were developed in conjunction with its garage network all over the globe. This will be through the Credit Mutuel Arkea located in Nice and France and the Mizuho financial Group situated in Tokyo.

The new IBM press stated that Mizuho will be charged with investigating on the best way to immediately swap payments so that new financial services can be created from this dynamic technology.

The financial group in Tokyo openly declared that it is entering into a joint venture with IBM Garage situated in Tokyo so as to establish how payment settlements can be made immediately using the codebase that is a brainchild of the Hyperledger Project. The project is said to utilize a virtual currency based on the yen that was developed by Mizuho itself. Mizuho hopes to comprehend better how to smoothen payment settlements in a discrete, secure and permitted blockchain network. It also hopes to have an efficient manner to monitor and regulate exchange funds.

IBM discovered that it is one of many techniques the bank is testing the importance of blockchain and establishing a stage in their entire bank via the Linux Foundation Hyperledger code. It also mentioned that Mizuho is happy with the use of their distributed ledger technology and is communicating the findings with other Hyperledger members.

The Mizuho press announced that in the experiment Mizuho intends to establish the viability of blockchains using virtual currency in payment settlements with the help of advanced applications development support service IBM Garage facilitated by IBM in Japan. It will completely offer its support to Mizuho in its bid to construct one platform to alter its style of development. For instance, designing business applications and thereafter developing those using blockchains. This is possible with Mizuho’s expertise in systems development and IBM Japan’s prowess in worldwide business services applicable to different industries.

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