Expenditures of many countries in the ICT sector grow, especially in China, Brazil, and Japan. The governments of these countries are opening new programs to attract investment from foreign corporations and companies. The fact that the ICT services market are growing is a testament to the great growth in business activity and the growth of national infrastructure in East Asia, as well as in Brazil.

E-government programs launched by the Government of India to facilitate the conduct of digital business stimulate investments to the ICT sector. Digital India Company allows the government to handle integrated and optimized data repositories.

New Zealand assigned the task of ICT field developing to the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The government of New Zealand enables integrated digital service supply, offering system-broad assurance and delivering stable business economy of USD 100 million per single year by 2017.

Many governments continue to build strong ties with the ICT services industry, and also help agencies in development to identify new growth opportunities and launch new programs.

Governments use information standards for growing interoperability and developing analytical capabilities for the whole public sector. While wake of increasing privacy and security issues, governments work with other judicatures to effectively control cyber security.

Further crucial findings from the research suggest:

The expenses on software are expected to experience substantial rise as companies are embracing digital business plans for outcome-based decisions and technological novelties.

The increasing transparency in the bundling of movable services and pricing lengthwise with the increasing service contractor consolidation is guiding to a lower spending in the information services segment.

The cloud computing sector is anticipated to hold for over 10% of the total investments by 2025 as government companies are moving to ramping up their funds in the cloud technologies to bridge the infrastructure break.

The Asia Pacific countries are expected to be the most rapidly growing countries in terms of investments in the ICT segment; this growth can be assigned to the increasing cooperation between telecommunication service providers, solution producers, and device suppliers.

The necessity to develop an economy behind the oil & gas business has led to considerable industrial changes along with the acceptance of IoT and deepening smart city programs in the MEA region

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