Microsoft (MSF.O) will continue allowing LinkedIn’s (LNKD.N) competitors to access its software and give the manufacturers of hardware the option to install other services in an attempt to win EU endorsement of its takeover of the USA Company, the persons conversant with the matter reported.

The USA software firm last week submitted its LNKD.N businesses to the European Commission after the European Union competition enforcer raised concerns over the 26 Billion Dollar deal, which happens to be Microsoft’s largest acquisition, ever.

The offer is intended to demonstrate that Microsoft is not planning to favor LinkedIn to the detriment of rivals, the persons stated while trying to address a major concern for regulators.

Both Microsoft and the Commission, which have not revealed details of the proposal, refused to comment on the offer on Monday.

The European Union is currently waiting for feedback from customers and competitors before opting to accept the concessions, ask for more, or even institute an investigation, which will take up five months. The clients and rivals have until Tuesday to give their feedback. The Commission is slated to make a ruling on the deal in question by December 6.

Professional social networks, with access to Microsoft’s Application Program Interface (API), will continue accessing this facility after LinkedIn merges with the company, the persons confirmed.

Another fundamental element of the firm’s concessions is the choice computer hardware manufacturers have to either install LinkedIn or competitor networks on computers, showing that the company is eager to avoid any proposal of packaging their products to crush rivals.

Microsoft’s site shows the company indeed has software deals with several hardware makers including Dell, Lenovo (0992.HK), HP (HPE.N), Huawei [HWT.UL] and Acer (2353.TW), among others.

The Commission fined Microsoft more than 2.2 billion Euros (about 2.3 billion dollars) over the last ten years for various infringements, including linking some items to its Windows OS (Operating System) so as to stifle competition.

LinkedIn generates the better part of its 3 billion dollars annual income from recruiters and job seekers who pay a fee on a monthly basis connect with people and post resumes.

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