Siemens PLM and HP recently joined hands to come up with Siemens NX AM which is a recent manufacturing software module. You can get it from the Siemens PLM software.

This software comes with plenty of interesting features which will surely excite all the fans. For example, all the users will now be able to optimize, stimulate, design and prepare print jobs. This software will also allow users to inspect all the processes and to make sure that everything is going as per plan. It is a very organized and well-designed software. It is a production-ready system. You will be able to start using it immediately.

As per Siemens, you will be able to manage and develop the parts for all of your printing projects with the help of this software. You will also be able to increase the overall efficiency level of your printing project and improve the workflow process. Once you start using this software, you don’t have to worry about data conversions. You also don’t need to use any external tools.

With the help of this software, NX users will also be able to submit multiple parts to the printer at once. Thus, you will be able to finish your work more quickly.

As per the Vice President of the Manufacturing Department at Siemens, the company is planning to add more exciting features in the future. You will be able to customize your projects more efficiently. For example, while printing the various parts, you will have full control over the strength, friction, electrical and various other characteristics like density and textures. Hence, you will have control over each individual component which will enable you to design your projects exactly as per your wish.

Siemens has also combined various other software with this software like Simcenter Simulation Software and their product lifecycle manufacturing center.

Because of the combination of various software, you will be able to totally avoid data conversions. Hence, you will be able to design your products after considering various factors like strength to weight ratio. Right from the first stage of designing the project to finally getting the project printed, you will be in control of every small individual component.

In the last year, the company has also worked on 8 other NX based software module. Hence, users can also access various other modules like lattice design, manufacturing design, nesting and for various other support structures.

Siemens is also planning to start a manufacturing platform which will serve as the discussion and interaction platform among all the members of the ever-expanding manufacturing community.

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