Comprehensive IDE for Dassault Systemes ENOVIA Platform

iC5 Designer is the only complete IDE for ENOVIA in the market. Traditional development tools and methodologies are purely text based and don’t provide the value iC5 Designer offers.


Detailed Features

Automatic Application Generation

Dassault Systèmes offers a significant number of Centrals and Accelerators on ENOVIA. However, customers often have a need that isn’t filled by any of these solutions. Designer will stub out an entire application in seconds based on the criteria the user provides


Referential Integrity

Designer ensures all of your ENOVIA components are wired together properly. For instance, if you change the name of a Menu it will find all places that menu is referenced and update appropriately (like an href on a Command).


Complete Where-Used on Admin Objects

ENOVIA doesn’t give you the ability to see where all of your Admin Objects are used. For instance, an href can effectively hide that it’s using a specific Menu. Designer completely interrogates all facets so you know what you’re impacting.

Real-time updates

As you develop with Designer you have the option to have the changes immediately take effect on the system you are connected to. This eliminates the non-value add time of waiting for your changes to be put into the system.


Repeatable installations, on any server

Designer configurations are saved as XML or Spinner files that can then be installed on any of the servers in your development-to-production pipeline (such as Dev, QA, and Production).

Made for collaborative development

Your development team can be as large and geographically diverse as you want.


Spinner Compatibility

Designer can pull in Spinner files as well as generate them


Complete Compatibility

Designer is compatible with all Centrals, Accelerators and even any custom application. Are you adding new features or new modules to an existing ENOVIA system? Designer will help you do that more effectively with higher quality.

Quality and Consistency

Geographically diverse technology teams can create challenges. Designer helps enforce consistency and increases quality.

Upgrade (and maintain) your existing ENOVIA system

iC5 Designer has a powerful approach to upgrading and maintaining your ENOVIA system.  Upgrades and maintenance are no longer a headache.


Twice the output in half the time

Getting trained on and becoming proficient in ENOVIA development can be very difficult. Designer radically reduces the time it takes to make a new developer productive. Additionally, even expert ENOVIA developers will experience significant improvement in their productivity.


Settings Management

ENOVIA has a rich set of settings that can be used on Forms and Tables. Traditionally a developer has to dig through documentation to find them and then make sure they are spelled correctly, use the right casing, etc. Designer has all of the settings built in so there isn’t any guess work.



Help Features

Live Database Connection

Database connectivity



Installation made easy.



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