Product Tour – iC5 Turbo for ENOVIA


Faster to Implement, Easier to Use, Easier to Upgrade!
iC5 Turbo for ENOVIA enables VARs, SIs, and “do it yourself” customers to dramatically reduce the time, cost, and expertise required to implement an ENOVIA system, while at the same time reducing risk, increasing quality, and ensuring that future upgrades will be easy. Turbo also enhances and streamlines the ENOVIA applications, making them easier to learn and use.

Rapid Configuration Tool

A software application with pre-configured “best practice” settings and an intuitive UI that simplifies and streamlines setup and configuration of ENOVIA, minimizes or eliminates the need for customizations, and reduces the level of technical expertise required to configure the system. As much as 10x faster than traditional configuration and customization methods!

Pre-packaged Project Deliverables

Everything you need for a “cookie cutter” approach to selling and implementing ENOVIA with repeatable success, such as:

  • Bidding and Pricing Worksheets
  • Project Management Templates
  • Detailed Schedule and Methodologies
  • Validation Package (Requirements and Test Cases)
  • Educational Materials
  • Customer Questionnaires
  • And more…

Enhancements to ENOVIA Applications

Enhancements that make the following applications easier to configure, easier to use, and more powerful:

  • Engineering Central
  • Program Central
  • Quality Improvement Central (CAPA & NCR)
  • Life Sciences Accelerator for Change Control
  • Life Sciences Accelerator for Product Quality (Complaints)
  • Life Sciences Accelerator for Engineering Design (DMR)
  • Life Sciences Accelerator for Regulatory Affairs
  • Life Sciences Accelerator for New Product Introduction
  • And more to come…

Repeatable installations, on any server

Turbo configurations are saved as XML files that can then be installed on any of the servers in your development-to-production pipeline (such as Dev, QA, and Production). You can even specify that certain configurations should only apply to certain servers, such as file store paths that may vary from server to server.


Made for collaborative development

Turbo configurations are so easy to do that typically the work is done by a single person. But it’s also easy for multiple people to work on the configurations concurrently. That’s because each kind of configuration is stored in a separate XML file, so all you have to do is put your Turbo project in a shared location (such as a network share or a version control system like SVN). Then multiple people can edit them at once, with a very low chance of conflicts and an easy way to merge any conflicts that do arise.


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