Tips Helpful in Staying Ahead of Technology Challenged and Trends

This is an era of technology and you can survive only when you are staying ahead or on par with trends in the niche. You also should be ready to face the challenges related with that. Here are the few things that you should know when you are living in this world of technology that is dynamic and which is really hard to be on pace with. If you are somebody who is working very close to this industry then the changes in the industry is going to affect you so much so getting these ideas can make things much more easier for you.

Is it an End of CDO?

Digital transformation does stay as the focus area in many of the businesses, in spite of that, there is a very reduced emphasis given to chief digital officer for making the things happen. Even the studies that were done on the same came with the result of very slow growth for appointing CDOs. There is a lag in the digital maturity, C suite buy in, understanding of the transformation which is creating a huge gap which can be filled by a CDO. The new trend is that even when businesses understand this they do not want a specific role like CDO to only take care of the same but the whole focus has gone from this centralized approach. There may be many talented executives in the board of various business who spare time in understanding the whole impact with the digital transformation regardless of the designation.

Emerging Trends in Technology

The area of technology is emerging and it has gone beyond social mobile, analytics and cloud. The new trend and focus of most of the industries are on the area of software defines networking, security, machine learning and artificial intelligence. CIOs need to put their effort in incorporating these trends in technology to practice in their business.

Staying Ahead to Cyber Threats

Monty Reynolds from IT Support Farnborough said ” When there is something new coming in the technology then there will always be some negative side of it which are the risks and challenges associated with it”. TechCrunch points on the vulnerabilities related with autonomous vehicles which are connected. Cars that are available today may be having much massive surface of attack. Auto manufacturers may have ECUS to be sources from many other supplies that just shows that it is not just one player but many be familiar with the source code related with the car and same is true with various other things. When you are doing things which are technologically advanced and have some connectivity option, you should think about all the possibilities of probes that can happen in such a situation. Understand the way cyber criminals may approach these things and then also deal with the breaches that had happened before. If the CIOs handle the things by considering the possible attacks then things can be protected. It is good to hire somebody to deal with the security part and to find the weak points.

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